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This is something I wrote quite some time ago. I feel it’s pertinent at the moment as many people, instead of feeling happiness, are re-experiencing loss.

I survived and even conquered depression, anxiety, and years of suicidal thoughts. This gives a glimpse of that journey to recovery and to full time happiness, hopefully it will help someone else.

Many people forget, or simply don’t realise the pain some people go through.
It often becomes worse at the times of year when the loss of family is more

For those who suffer depression, anxiety, mental illness or other disorders,
‘special times’ like Christmas, birthdays, mother’s day etc. can become very
painful. For many, it is insurmountable, and for the children of these
people, the loss of another important person can drag them into the same
cycle of anguish.

I suffered with severe depression for over 20 years, for several years I
battled with suicidal thoughts. I finally conquered it, through medication
and self-analysis, by changing my world one thing at a time.

Christmas still reminds me, only barely, of the times I once enjoyed, but my
family is now grown and I no longer celebrate it the way I once did. That
first year with no family around was hard, and I remember it well, but at
least for me it passed.

Most of the things that cause this feeling of loss and sadness can be
overcome. Having friends and family to support us to do so is a first step,
and many of them won’t come forward without being reminded because they are
often immersed in the bliss that so many others feel torn from them.

The year is at its end, tomorrow is a new beginning. An opportunity to do
something different.

In the new year, find something that doesn’t work in your world – and change

If your job sucks, write a new resume and get it out into the world; If you
don’t have any decent friends, get rid of the bad ones, open the door, go
outside, and find new ones; if a relationship isn’t working, look at ways to
change it, or put a plan in place to replace it; if all your relationships
are failing, you are the common denominator, look at ways to analyse and
change yourself; if these all appear insurmountable at the moment, find a
good doctor and discuss medication to ‘take the edge off’. – these are all
tried and true methods of improving the world we live in, things that turned
my life around.

Make today the first day of a new and better life, even if you are not
suffering depression. Everyone can do this, it’s just a lot harder for some
of us.

10 years without depression, without suicidal thoughts. 10 years of
happiness. 10 years of noticing when it tries to come back, and managing it
before it does.

Heaven or Hell, life is what we make of it.

Today can be the first step on the stairway to heaven.

If anyone wants to discuss this process privately, I am happy to help.

Brightest blessings for the new year.


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