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Current state of the Church

January 19th, 2017

I occasionally get emails asking where the Church is, or wishing to find out more about us. Here’s a brief summary:

  • We were founded in 2011 with only a few members and no property.
  • We do not actively seek donations, tithing or members. We do not seek to evangelize and this means a shortage of funds.
  • Almost all functions of the Church are self-funded by our clergy who have other employment, family and study commitments.
  • Without sufficient funds, time and assistance, the events that were more common in the early days have dwindled.
  • We are, in effect, in hiatus until these three things become less of an impediment.


Worst case scenario. I plan to retire from full time paid employment in 15 years, at that time I will have more time to commit and may give up my ongoing study commitments. This will give me time to concentrate on the requirements of the Church, and maybe there will be greater interest in the community. Hopefully I will have sufficient funds for a house and a small hall on a reasonable parcel of land at this time.

Best case scenario. I win lotto or receive a donation large enough to enable me to concentrate on the Church. This would require sufficient funds to purchase a site and buildings and provide me with a small stipend for food/ bills/ etc.

What is happening, the main thing, we are sowing seeds. I still talk about the Church when I can attend conferences relating to faith. The website remains up to sow seeds in the community and around the world. The Interfaith Church does not need to be a success to be successful, if the idea gets out there, if a few minds are opened, therein lies its success. Please continue to discuss these concepts with your families, friends, and theologically inclined acquaintances.

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