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A Concept of God – Part 1

April 28th, 2009

My concept of God is complex.

In essence, God is the energy force that is every thought, every molecule, every part of every universe. This is something I often call the Primordial Mind (incorrectly so) because I lack another suitable name. It is everything that existed before and after the supposed big bang, and the spark of life, and all the resultant matter etc. God is the universe.

God, as in Jehovah, Allah, Sikmet, Minos.. God/s, over time, have been used as representations of facets of the Primordial Mind, to assist us in recognising it, and in focusing our energies where we felt they were required. This may have been to produce a good harvest or just in worship. As one representation fell into disuse, another was created to fill in the void. “Gods of the Hunt” moved aside for the “Agricultural Gods”. As we conquered nature, elemental spirits lost favour in the heart of mankind.

God is a focus tool for us, to give us some access to an interventionist deity. It is a way to focus the deity within ourselves, the energy within and surrounding ourselves, to achieve an outcome. Prayer, worship, magic or interventionist deity, it doesn’t really matter what we call it, it achieved the results we were after.

The whole concept of this ‘Primordial Mind’ is beyond true comprehension. It covers time and space, two things which mankind has little concept of and certainly can not fully grasp. We think in miles and minutes in our tiny universe so these things will remain beyond us. To think God could be sentient or interventionist seems a great leap of faith, hence I believe we have learned to focus and manipulate energy using Gods of our own making. The ‘one true God’ is well beyond our simple comprehension.

In saying this, in my concept, all Gods are one God for they are facets of the same thing.

We all have our own concepts of God. This one has worked for me for some time now.


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