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An excerpt from Plato’s Republic, the ‘Allegory of the Cave’ is a classic commentary on the human condition. It is a story of open-mindedness and the power of possibility. This should be required learning everywhere and for everyone. There is an excellent animated YouTube presentation at Please take a couple of minutes and watch it.


April 24th, 2012

Sitting Bull, great ancestor. The future of humanity is in our hands. We shall fight for it until we draw our last breath in the hope that our children will continue the fight for peace.

Omnipotence and apathy

April 14th, 2012

Even in antiquity, God was seen as fallible. If we are apathetic to, or fail to take action on our own situation God will not help us. We must shape our own destiny, for we are the greatest instruments of Gods work.

Talking the Language

April 12th, 2012

A few friends have asked me recently about my terminology when talking to others. I sound very Christian a lot of the time, other times I could an animist amongst Aboriginal kinfolk, even a Buddhist monk in disguise. This is, I explain to them, one of the many skills of the modern Interfaith Minister. When […]

Galileo Galilei

April 12th, 2012

450 years ago, this man thought as we do now. If it were not heresy, there would have been Interfaith Churches around back then. Galileo never sought to undermine the Catholic Church, simply to bring it into the 17th century. The Interfaith Church seeks to drag it into the 21st.

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