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It has now been a few days since the ATO called to advise that our application for recognition as a charitable institution has been accepted. Several days to go until we receive it in writing and can get written confirmation and put Registered Charity on the website.

This is something we had been waiting on before fundraising, setting up a bank account, arranging paypal and a whole range of doors are now open to us.

Brisbane City Council provides Charities the use of its community halls free of charge, which means we can move our events around a bit. We are yet to look into the other surrounding councils. With events we may even be able to sell a slice of cake or can of lemonade as our first fundraising, or possibly a raffle if we can locate some prizes.

It also means the Church does not pay GST and can apply for GST rebates. This means every donation will go that little bit further. We don’t openly ask for donations or tithing, so this becomes quite important to us as our current funding has been from the dusty pockets of our founding minister.

Stay tuned for a donations page in the near future as we still don’t plan to pass around a collection plate.

A copy of the letter from the ATO is available here – Charity Status.

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