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Changes to the Marriage Act affect more than same sex marriages.

Minority beliefs can now have Clerics who can perform legal weddings. Below are the relevant parts of my correspondences with the Attorney General’s Office clarifying the matter.

From Interfaith Church (Rev. Brabyn) to AG Marriage Celebrants Section

Could you please advise me if the inclusion of sections 39DA-39DE will permit Ministers of Religion from belief systems not currently listed as Recognised Denominations by the AG to become religious marriage celebrants by first registering as a Civil Celebrant?

From AG Marriage Celebrants Section (Rohan) to Interfaith Church

If a minister of religion is successful in applying to be an authorised marriage celebrant for a non recognised religious organisation under Subdivision C of the Marriage Act 1961, the minister will have a choice to be identified as a religious marriage.celebrant under the Act. Once registered, the minister would need to advise the Registrar of Marriage Celebrants of this choice.

Further information is available on our website –


This means if you are an active minister of any religion, once you have completed the Cert. IV in Celebrancy and been accepted by the AG’s office, you can opt to be recognised as a religious celebrant.

This now removes a major impediment to religious freedom in Australia.

Congratulations to everyone who has been working towards changes to the Marriage Act. This is a huge win for the LGBTIQ+ community as well as all minority religions who wish to perform legal wedding ceremonies.

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