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Most people don’t think of their carbon footprint, most certainly don’t relate it to things like their dinner or world poverty. Did you realise it’s not all about cars, industry and flatulent cows?

Here’s a challenge for you…. find your environmental impact using this quiz, then play with the figures and see how you can improve your footprint on the planet.

If you needed an acre less land, a litre less water…you’d be saving money, improving your health and ensuring the future for your grand kids…but you’d also be assisting the environment and that land and water could be better used elsewhere, like to produce grain for the hungry. It would be a few extra $$$ that didn’t go to the corporations that cause these problems.

I challenge you to change your diet, reduce your energy consumption, minimize your impact on the planet and save some hard earned in the process.

Bank the savings, reduce the interest you’re paying, and sometime in the future put a little back into the community. A few percent of what you save could go a long way to help others but even that initial saving, in land, in water, in energy will provide a little benefit to everyone else you are sharing this planet with.

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