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Tree Meditation

February 23rd, 2013


*A note on timing. For ease of reading, a comma should be seen as a short pause (1-2 seconds), a semi-colon as a longer pause (2-4 seconds), a full stop as longer again (3-6 seconds). and line breaks should be time for some concentration or consideration (several seconds).


Tree Meditation


:Standing barefoot outside in nature (preferably):

Imagine you are a tree. A mighty oak or a fluid willow; whatever tree you feel you connect with, or would like to connect with.

Take a moment to feel your rough bark; taste the moisture in the air, and become familiar with yourself as this great tree.

Concentrate on the base of your trunk, what was once your ankles; and feel how solid you are; how connected to the earth.


Think about your roots and follow them down into the earth. Extend them; find the pockets of water hidden in the fissures of the Earth and drink deep of its sweet taste.

Use this energy to grow further; reach down, deep into the Earth; towards the core. Feel the warmth of the mantle below; the flowing energies of the Earth itself. Spread out over the molten core to cover as wide an area as you can and embrace and rejoice in the life it provides. You cannot be burned, but you can feel the warmth, the life, the energy and the power of our Mother.

Leave here anything you need to let go of to be burnt in the fires of the core.


Hold onto some of that Earth energy and slowly bring your consciousness back up through your root system. Follow the roots up through the Earth; away from the mantle and through the fissures in the rock.

Raise yourself back up towards the surface; energised with the love and warmth of Mother Earth.

Move up your trunk and feel your strength. The mass of timber which keeps you so strong; so powerful; immovable.


Move your consciousness upwards to where your limbs begin.

Move outwards into your limbs and taste the freshness of the air. Feel the refreshing breeze; and the light of the sun (or moon) being converted to sustenance through your leaves.

Embrace the energy of the sun (or moon).

Reach out further.


Grow towards the stars and embrace the energy they offer; the energy of the universe.

Extend your consciousness to embrace the stars; feel their life; their energies; each one slightly different; each one the same.

Embrace the universe; the source (or God and/or Goddess), and rejoice.


It’s time to return.

Leave the universe where it was, but bring back some of that energy, some of the serenity; and some of the chaos left from the creation.

Return to your branches. Follow them back down your limbs, once again to the trunk of your body. You are the great tree; of this Earth but also of the stars. A being of the universe; separate, but part of the whole.

Once again feel the solidity of your trunk. Embrace your whole being and rejoice in the fact that you exist. Seek again the calm of the tree; the solidity of self; and return.

Retract your roots and branches once again; bring them back to the centre and return to your humanity.

You are yourself again, but connected. You are home again, but part of the whole. Feel your feet; connected to the earth. Stretch your arms; connected to the sky; and rejoice.


© 2013 Peter Brabyn

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