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A few months ago I organised accommodation at Jupiters Casino for the night of Fiona’s (my partner) works Xmas party at Broadbeach, Qld. The best deal was bed & breakfast with two tickets for Tap Dogs.

As we were going to the work event, we wouldn’t be able to catch Tap Dogs, though we did contemplate skipping the party in favour of the show. Anyway, I had spent an hour or so contemplating what to do with the tickets and eventually decided just to give them away.

As we were leaving our room, Fiona challenged me, convinced I couldn’t give them away before we left the casino. It was about one hour before the start of the show and five minutes before we were heading off.

When we got into the elevator there was a young couple heading to the pool (togs, towels, etc.). I asked them if they would like free tickets to Tap Dogs, and then had to explain there were no catches and that we just couldn’t use them. They were stoked and very appreciative.

This morning they came over to our breakfast table and thanked us. They said it was fabulous, not only to get to see the show, but to be given free tickets for front row seats on the young mans birthday.

It was really good to get feedback on this random act, and to find out the day and the act were so special to them. I hope this young couple now takes up the challenge and joins the league of people who routinely practice random acts of kindness. Given their accent’s it may even be passed on overseas.

While this is a pretty good example of a ‘Random Act of Kindness’, it was only made possible because several ‘things’ came together to enable it.

  • I missed the original special deal I was planning on
  • The next best accommodation deal (slightly more expensive) included Tap Dog tickets
  • I am prone to random acts
  • Fiona egged me on at precisely the right time
  • The young couple happened to be in our elevator
  • It was his birthday (unknown to us at the time)
  • They wanted to see the show
  • We had a previous engagement and could not use the tickets
  • We didn’t know they were front row seats (which might have been enough to ditch the party)
  • At breakfast we were seated within clear sight of them
  • The show rocked

It’s interesting how these things come together, but when one practices random acts of kindness it sometimes becomes almost commonplace that the world lets go of it’s little mysteries to those that embrace them.

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