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~ Tower of Babel circa 1370 ~

I am not a great believer in the teachings of the modern Church. I personally think a lot of the teachings of the Christ are misinterpreted through the words of the bible and the objects of the Church and this is something that often saddens me when someone comes to my door spreading the word of their Church instead of the teachings of the Christ.

Jesus was intelligent, charismatic, learned and an incredible teacher/ orator/ magister. A true prophet of God and the Abrahamic religions, but I do not see him as the only messenger of God. I see many others passing the same message in different lands or at different times, all with many of the attributes expected of the Christ. Krishna, Confucius, Baha’u’llah, Zarathustra, Abraham, Solomon, the Völva, Mohammed, Moses and many more have provided messages to the people with apparent divine inspiration.

Taken in context, allowing for variations in language and the time the message was delivered – forward to the 21st century language we use today, the message is invariably the same. Some were delivered to agricultural people such as the first Christians, others to nomadic folk (Islamics, some Asian peoples), and so on. All were delivered to people who think very differently than we do today in a world with mass communication, mass production and mass transport. Admittedly contextualizing something written over a thousand years ago is difficult, but these messages come from many prophets to many people over the entire age of man from what I believe is only one God, one eternal source.

The story presented in the Tower of Babel myth tells us quite clearly that man fell from grace and God confounded our ‘language’. Like so many other things in religious scripture, this does not necessarily have only one meaning, there is much more to ‘language’ than just the surface meaning. It could mean not only speech, but thought too, certainly people who think in a different language to me, even if they speak fluently, are harder to understand when we are communicating in depth. Language may also include religion, for how could this have really occurred, ‘the confounding of speech’ if the confounding of a single religious path didn’t also occur?

God wanted us to be different peoples, I don’t know why, or if it is simply an explanatory myth so we can make sense of the fact, but it is a simple enough fact that as we have multiple religions we are confounded.

Because of the strengths we have gained through our division we are at a point where we can rebuild the tower. We can bring the peoples together again to speak the same language (religion) through Interfaith. Simply by accepting that we are all the same, all seeking God or Heaven or Enlightenment (same concepts/ goals, different words), we are all brothers and sisters in Gods eyes and we have the potential to build a peace that has not occurred since before the ‘tower’.

I am not one that believes the only way to God is through Jesus. Despite that I too have had prayers answered, live in the presence of God and have had my own miracles and revelations. I have come through hell into a life of service, blessed and happy on earth and secure in my own knowledge that after death I can be weighed as good upon any scales. ‘Religious acceptance’, accepting that another’s religion is right for them, that our goals are the same even if our individual paths differ, is the only way forward, the only way we will ever be one people again, the only way to everlasting peace and to the Heaven on Earth that will result from it.

~ Peace dove ~

If my path is not your path, that is OK. We all need to walk our own path to God. Accepting this, that we can walk different paths, is the goal of our Church, and I believe of the interfaith movement. Gods Truth, like all truths is a three edged sword. What is true for me, what is true for you, and the real truth, untainted by our perspectives. Gods Truth, unlike ours, is not subject to our limited knowledge, our limited understanding, our personal prejudices or any of our other foibles or limitations.

Gods Truth is that we are all His children and that we shall all return to God if we live a life worthy of Him, no matter how we see Him within our limited capabilities.

N.B. Even though I refer to God as singular and masculine, I do so only to enhance understanding – to move closer to one language, in this case the language of the majority of Australians whom I see as visioning God in this way.


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