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April 28th, 2012

At this stage the Interfaith Church doesn’t have a training arm in place however we are working on putting together a training structure and online Interfaith College. Unfortunately it will probably take a couple of years to get the course structure up and running and to convince suitably qualified people to assist in writing and delivering the training at a reasonable expense to the end user.

The Interfaith College is hoping to deliver some courses at cost (language, literacy, numeracy, basic computer skills), and others with sufficient profit margin to develop new courses. All predictions below are very loose and require trainers who can provide the courses at very low or no cost. – if this sounds like you and you have a Cert IV in Training & Assessment or greater please contact us!!!


In 2013 we hope to start the following courses:

  • Language skills
  • Literacy skills
  • Numeracy skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • How to use Moodle for beginners
  • Basic ICT skills
  • Document management & word processing


In 2014 we hope to start the following courses:

  • Comparative Religion courses for Schools (Yr 7?) – to be considered
  • Various Interfaith and Religious courses for adults (by the Interfaith Church)
  • Various Interfaith and Religious courses for adults (by the Affiliate Churches and groups)


In 2015-2016 we hope to start the following courses:

  • Unaccredited courses equivalent to Bachelors in Theology, Interfaith Ministry & Religious Studies

In or around 2020 we would hope to be looking for accreditation as a training organisation, preferably as a University. The cost for this is around $100 000 and as such the timing is unpredictably far into the future. This will necessitate an increase in fees.


The Interfaith College is currently planning to deliver online using Moodle V2.2 or greater.

If you are an educator and can donate some time towards these goals, please contact us.

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