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My ANZAC rememberance

April 25th, 2012

On this most special of Days I remember those who have passed over.
I remember my family members, but most especially those who have passed that I served with and those that have helped forge our way of life.

Saul Dost – My best mate for many years. We both served at sea on the warships HMAS Hobart and HMAS Torrens and were lucky enough to meet up ashore for training at HMAS Cerberus and HMAS Nirimba. I am glad I crossed your path for you helped my form my own. It saddens me that we fell out of touch, but then that was always the way with our group of friends. When I found you again, you had already passed and I miss you. I look forward to the day our paths will cross again.

Happy Hammond – The happiest bloke I knew. We crossed baths at Cerberus and on the Green Ghost and you too had some influence on who I have become. I was very sad to hear you have passed from this life, stabbed on ANZAC day ’99 when trying to stop an ATM robbery. Your beautiful heart and radiant nature has been an inspiration to me for many a year even though we weren’t besties during our time in the service.

Everyone who has ever served – Your dedication, your service, your skills and training are what was used to forge our way of life. Your limbs have been used as the girders of our society, your blood for the hydraulics.
My thanks goes to each and every one of you that donated a part of your lives to ensure the comfort and protection of the majority. You sacrifice and your service is the greatest gift and for it, I can only be eternally grateful.

Some people remember them on ANZAC Day.
Those that served remember them every day.

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